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Special Needs Transition Camp - Columbus, OH

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Special Needs Transition Camp - Columbus, OH





The Gracie V White Foundation For Autism



Presents:  Transition Camp for ALL High Functioning Disabilities

When:  June 12, 2017 until July 15, 2017

Time:  9:00 am until 3:00 pm Monday – Friday

We will provide high quality and relevant transition opportunities for participants from age 14- 29 years of age.  The camp will provide services to high functioning autistic young adults, as well as other high functioning disabilities.  Our purpose is to touch the lives of unreached and underserved young men and women.  Fundamental areas of development will include communication skills, social interaction, and recreational engagement skills.  Music and art will also be included in weekly activities. 

Our camp is a place where we will be able to have some fun in a clean and safe environment.  Participants will learn to practice social skills during engagement in safe, fun, and structured activities.  Trainers will reinforce learning with social and behavioral redirection by verbal prompting the participant.  The behaviors will also be modeled during the activities to enable participants to meet their needs.  Participants will have the opportunity to improve communication skills, display the ability to self-advocate, model and implement best practices and strategies in a social setting. We will also offer Interviewing skills, resume writing, role playing, and fun enrichment.   SEE ATTACHMENTS for more information and Registration  614-620-4273

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